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$4.6m Milestone Achieved by Bitcoin Dogs in Just 2 Weeks: What’s Next?

Cryptopolitan 27 Feb 2024
Bitcoin Dogs is masterfully playing the game of balance, melding the on-chain and off-chain worlds with finesse ... Meanwhile, off the chain, the game’s breeding, battling, and caring will all take place.

Lisk partners with Indonesian Ministry to boost Web3 startup ecosystem

Crypto Briefing 27 Feb 2024
Layer-2 blockchain focuses on addressing local issues with real-world assets, off-chain assets, and decentralized networks ....

Amino Rewards uses Chainlink CCIP for cross-chain token transfers

CryptoNewsZ 22 Feb 2024
Chainlink has facilitated a substantial number of transactions by providing connectivity with real-time data, off-chain computation, and secure cross-chain interoperability across all blockchains to ...

StarkNet (STRK) Price Tanks 17% After 1.4 Million Token Airdrop

CoinGape 21 Feb 2024
Starknet functions as a Layer 2 solution, providing scalability and maintaining Ethereum-level security by creating STARK proofs off-chain, which are then transmitted on-chain.

Starknet Trading Debut Sees Initial Excitement Fade As STRK Plummets Over 50%

NewsBTC 21 Feb 2024
Starknet operates as a Layer 2 solution, offering scalability and Ethereum-level security by generating STARK proofs off-chain, which are relayed on-chain.

Supra releases DORA price feed on the Metis Network

CryptoNewsZ 20 Feb 2024
Developers and merchants in the blockchain industry stand to gain significantly from this revolutionary development ... Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA) revolutionizes the blockchain by efficiently integrating off-chain data.

Autoglyphs Set Fetches Record-Breaking $14.6 Million in Historic NFT Sale

CryptoPotato 20 Feb 2024
... new benchmark for the value of blockchain-based artworks ... Unlike many NFTs that rely on off-chain storage, each Autoglyph is self-contained within the blockchain, ensuring its uniqueness and ownership.

AllianceBlock Rebrands As Nexera Foundation, Launches Nexera Finance To Shape The Future Of Tokenization

Cryptopolitan 19 Feb 2024
The open-source infrastructure seamlessly incorporates blockchain technology, facilitating both on-chain and off-chain operations for simplified digital, financial, and real-world asset management.

Bitfinex to list STRK, Native Token of StarkNet’s Blockchain

Bitfinex 16 Feb 2024
... the native token of the Starknet blockchain ... Starknet employs STARK technology for secure off-chain transaction validation, thus maintaining Ethereum’s security and avoiding network congestion.

Can ERC404 tokens like Pandora bounce back as ERC20 tokens shine?

Invezz 16 Feb 2024
Built on the Ethereum blockchain, ... Its decentralized Oracle network enables blockchain to securely connect with external data sources, delivering smart contracts with important off-chain information.

Sharbi Launches FETCH Bridge Between Shibarium, Ethereum and Arbitrum

CoinGape 14 Feb 2024
Forged by, a prominent blockchain development firm, FETCH poises to reduce the current off-chain bridging time substantially, reducing it from 7 days to an extremely eye-captivating 15 ...

Dogechain’s Impact: Can it Propel Dogecoin to New Heights in 2024?

CryptoNewsZ 12 Feb 2024
L2 chains are like side roads built on a blockchain that conducts off-chain transactions to reduce the pressure on the main network. L2 chains provide improved scalability by processing thousands of transactions off-chain.

Next stage of web3 evolution will be underpinned by zero knowledge tech

Cryptoslate 10 Feb 2024
In practice, ZKPs allow complex computations to be performed off-chain, reducing congestion on the blockchain ... By empowering users to store personal information off-chain and enabling secure sensitive ...

Chainlink’s PYUSD Price Feed boosts PAXOS’ Tokenized RWA Economy

CryptoNewsZ 08 Feb 2024
This is achieved by providing financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and developers with real-time data connectivity, off-chain computing, and secure cross-chain interoperability across all blockchains.

Julius Serenas, Founder of Neurochain AI: How A Trailblazer Shapes The Future of AI and ...

Cryptopolitan 08 Feb 2024
Calculations are conducted off-chain, with validation and transaction rollups sent to the blockchain for executing reward redistribution ... The Neurochain AI layer is chain agnostic and could easily ...