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BlockDAG’s 33rd Release Innovates With SHA-3 And Off-Chain Data, Approaching 6,000 Miner Sales

NULLTX 23 May 2024
Integrating off-chain data solutions is a strategic move to scale the system effectively by reducing the load on the blockchain itself, thereby enhancing overall performance and reducing operational costs.

Oracle Protocols: Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain and the Real World

Coin Edition 22 May 2024
Blockchain technology, known for its decentralized nature, thrives on accurate and reliable data ... Oracle protocols provide a solution to this challenge, acting as the critical link between off-chain and on-chain data.

How Do Onchain and Offchain Differ?

UTB 17 May 2024
Key Takeaways What Are On-Chain and Off-Chain Transactions? On-chain transactions are the secure option, permanently recorded on the blockchain for transparency. However, this thoroughness can Read more ....

Turn $1,000 Into $100,000 Buying 6 XRP Rivals As Ripple vs SEC Battle Escalates

CoinGape 15 May 2024
This off-chain data access is crucial for smart contracts to evolve into the dominant form of digital agreement ... This facilitates the cross-chain transfer of various data and assets, enhancing blockchain interoperability.

Layer 1, 2, 3, parachain, sidechain – What’s the difference?

Cryptoslate 13 May 2024
Layer 2 protocols shift a portion of the transactional requirement from the main chain to an adjacent system architecture, processing transactions off-chain and recording only the final state on the Layer 1 blockchain.

3 New Cryptos To Multiply Your Portfolio: Frontier (FRONT), Algotech (ALGT), and Starknet (STRK)

NULLTX 11 May 2024
... identified by Spot On Chain ... This Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum tackles congestion issues by processing transactions off-chain before securely verifying them on the Ethereum blockchain.

YFX incorporates Chainlink Data Streams on Arbitrum mainnet

CryptoNewsZ 10 May 2024
Its capacity to connect financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and builders worldwide with real-time data, off-chain processing, and secure cross-chain interoperability across all blockchains has ...

Exploring BounceBit and Maximizing Rewards through Binance Megadrop

Bitcoinist 08 May 2024
This infrastructure facilitates seamless interactions between on-chain and off-chain environments, ensuring that users enjoy the benefits of fast transactions and robust security mechanisms inherent in blockchain technology.

Research Reveals Crypto’s Top Real-World Assets by Development: These Altcoins May be the Future

Crypto Economy 07 May 2024
Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network is crucial for integrating off-chain data into the on-chain ecosystem, while Synthetix facilitates the creation of synthetic assets on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dfinity Foundation Launches EVM RPC to Connect ICP Smart Contracts with Ethereum-Compatible Chains

Crypto Economy 24 May 2024
ICP smart contracts can now interact directly with various EVM chains, fostering communication and collaboration between different blockchain ecosystems ... range of blockchains and unlock new use cases.

Harris and Trotter Digital Assets Raise $10M to Enhance Crypto Accounting

Coinspeaker 02 May 2024
The company’s Proof of Reserve service is powered by Chainlink to ensure transparency in clients’ on-chain and off-chain reserves. The Chainlink technology helps in maintaining its versatility across multiple blockchains.

Texas A&M Professor to Launch Bitcoin Research Institute

Bitcoin Magazine 02 May 2024
... blockchain. Ray’s vision made note of new developments in the Bitcoin ecosystem such as BITVM, which allows off-chain Turing complete computation, as in the case of MPC, to be verified on Bitcoin.

Coinbase Increases Bitcoin Transaction Speeds With Complete Integration Of Lightning Network

Bitcoinist 01 May 2024
In contrast, the Lightning Network, which operates as a layer on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, enables fast off-chain Bitcoin transfers at a fraction of the cost ... These blockchain-based innovations ...

cBridge backing the linking of uniETH with X Layer

CryptoNewsZ 30 Apr 2024
It utilizes cryptographic ZK proofs to verify and finalize off-chain transaction computations ... Through this, dApps will be able to build cross-chain UXs amongst X Layer and multiple outside ...

Breaking: Coinbase Rolls out Bitcoin Lightning Network

CoinGape 30 Apr 2024
The Lightning Network runs on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and uses bidirectional payment channels to settle transactions off-chain, hence achieving instant transaction speeds with minimal fees.

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