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First Patent Being Auctioned as an NFT Solves for Needed Blockchain Capabilities and a Lower ...

The Marshall News Messenger 14 May 2021
This system improves previous blockchain systems by moving functionality and storage off the blockchain while simultaneously allowing the blockchain to utilize off-chain data to update transaction records on the blockchain ... Confidential aspects of the transactions may be kept off ...

Tether unveils the breakdown of the mysterious “assets behind the virtual currency USDT”

OBN 14 May 2021
On-chain transaction volume represents any value transfer (transactions and remittances) on the blockchain network. By the way, the volume of transactions on general exchanges (CeFi) is off-chain, so it is not included in on-chain data. Currently, USDT’s off-chain trading volume per 24 hours is about 28.3 trillion yen.

DeFi, staking are live on OMG Network via an Ethereum scaling solution

Cryptoslate 14 May 2021
... using (and trusting) decentralized, on-chain apps across use cases like lending, synthetic trading, and others ... The term itself is a collective for describing solutions designed to help scale blockchain applications by handling transactions off the main Ethereum chain (layer-1).

DeFi Is About to Undergo a Radical Transformation

NewsBTC 13 May 2021
... that can leverage the unique capabilities of multiple blockchains ... This includes Celer, a platform that provides a second layer on top of the Ethereum mainnet that can process data off-chain before settling it on the Ethereum blockchain, keeping fees down to the absolute minimum.

PARSIQ Integrated Into Polkadot For Smart Triggers Across the Relay Chain

CryptoPotato 12 May 2021
, a platform that monitors data and automation across blockchains, bridging both on and off-chain apps and sending out user alerts once transactions are executed, now offers compatibility for smart triggers with the Polkadot Relay Chain ... on-chain, and even across Layer-2 chains.

DOTOracle – Rendering Decentralized Solutions to Polkadot and its Ecosystem

NewsBTC 12 May 2021
A prime example is Polkadot, popularly termed as the ‘blockchain of blockchains’ and founded by Ethereum’s co-founder Gavin Wood ... The aim is to blur the boundary between the off-chain data sources and the information within blockchains by integrating a decentralized oracle with Moonbeam parachain.

PARSIQ Now Integrated Into Polkadot for Smart Triggers Across the Polkadot Relay Chain

The Daily Hodl 11 May 2021
PARSIQ, a platform that monitors data and automation across blockchains, bridging both on- and off-chain apps and sending out user alerts once transactions are executed, now offers compatibility for smart triggers with the Polkadot Relay Chain ... and even across layer-2 chains.

How Digital Identity is Making Blockchain More Accessible for Enterprises

NewsBTC 10 May 2021
One of the most promising new entrants to the enterprise blockchain market, Concordium, offers a hybrid on- and off-chain digital identity solution that would make it seamless for enterprises to transact with any party ... their documentation and uploads a ZKP to the blockchain.

DeFi Coins Launches Top 10 DeFi Guide on Best DeFi Coins Available

Inside Bitcoins 10 May 2021
DeFi is a subcategory of the cryptocurrency space that integrates the blockchain into traditional financial services ... Chainlink has established itself as the leading oracle protocol over the past few months, with DeFi projects and blockchain developers integrating its technology for securely receiving critical off-chain information in real-time.

Klever Swap list token of TRON oracle system Bridge Oracle (BRG)

CryptoNinjas 08 May 2021
The listing includes eight direct trading pairs as part of the expansion of Klever Swap’s list of available markets for instant swap from ETH, TRX, and BSC blockchains. Bridge Oracle is a public oracle system on TRON and Binance Smart Chain (BSC); developed to provide access to off-chain resources within blockchain protocols.

New Class of Altcoins Are Ready for Lift-Off, According to Crypto Trader Tyler Swope

The Daily Hodl 07 May 2021
Crypto analyst and influencer Tyler Swope says he believes a new hot subsector is on the verge of taking over the crypto markets ...First DeFi coins had the hype. Then it was NFT cryptos ... “DeFi and DAOs go hand in hand ... A rollup reduces fees and congestion on the Ethereum blockchain by aggregating transactions off-chain ... Disclaimer ... ....

Umbrella Network reduces fees by migrating its oracle solution to Binance Smart Chain

CryptoNinjas 04 May 2021
... from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the blockchain platform from crypto exchange company, Binance ... Umbrella’s solution is geared toward the DeFi ecosystem, connecting blockchain applications to data from the off-chain world in a uniquely secure and efficient way.

Tatum’s off-chain emulator service now supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

CryptoNinjas 01 May 2021
CryptoNinjas » Tatum’s off-chain emulator service now supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ... Through providing a layer of abstraction, it allows developers to test solutions before going live and to perform ledger-to-ledger transactions off-chain to avoid expensive fees and crawling blockchain transaction times.

From Solana to Chainlink to Chiliz, here are 15 altcoins headlining a world of tokens ...

Business Insider 01 May 2021
uniswap, a decentralized exchange for trading ethereum-based tokens via an automated order book; chainlink, a decentralized oracles network for bringing off-chain data onto the blockchain; and aave, a decentralized lending platform ... NFTs are unique digital assets secured on a blockchain supported by ethereum.

Smart contracts: real-world uses and limitations

Trezor 28 Apr 2021
However, the emergence of decentralized “oracle networks” allows blockchains to interact with off-chain information ... With the rising popularity of some of these chains, we are also seeing an increasing number of projects become blockchain-agnostic.