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Chainlink achieves major scalability upgrade with launch of Off-Chain Reporting (OCR)

CryptoNinjas 24 Feb 2021
CryptoNinjas » Chainlink achieves major scalability upgrade with launch of Off-Chain Reporting (OCR). The team of Chainlink, a leading blockchain oracle platform, today announced that after over a year of development and numerous security audits, Chainlink Off-Chain Reporting (OCR) has officially launched on mainnet.

Umbrella Partners Elrond Network to Provide Oracle Services

CryptoNewsZ 24 Feb 2021
Umbrella Network has collaborated with Elrond Network to provide fast streams of off-chain data through their high-performing Oracle system ... It will help the high-speed interoperable money market of Elrond to operate smoothly and seamlessly through accurate and updated off-chain data.

Chainlink rolls out OCR system upgrade, reducing gas costs tenfold

The Coin Telegraph 24 Feb 2021
The Off-Chain Reporting upgrade changes how oracles aggregate data, easing the burden on the blockchains ....

Influencer Lark Davis Warns Against Rampant ETH Fees

Inside Bitcoins 23 Feb 2021
Commonly known as “The Crypto Lark,” Davis has gone out of his way to warn the public that Ethereum will continuously suffer from other, smaller blockchain networks stealing their market share ... This, in turn, will see to masses of small-time investors be driven off and gobbled up by other blockchains, such as the Binance Smart Chain ... ....

Can Binance Coin Flip Ethereum? Analyst Nicholas Merten Examines Epic Rise of Crypto Asset BNB

The Daily Hodl 22 Feb 2021
They share the similarity in the sense that Binance Smart Chain is basically a direct fork off of the Ethereum blockchain, in the sense of how it functions, how solidity and code can be brought over from the traditional Ethereum applications that exist into the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Binance Blamed for Purposely Choking Ethereum’s Network

Bitcoin 22 Feb 2021
While it could be inferred that Binance’s volume is propelling Ether costs upward and doing so intentionally to attract more volume to its smart chain, this argument misses out on the blockchain interoperability that Binance has promoted ... As a result, it has cost FTX dearly due to coins being sent to the wrong chains.

BOSAGORA Unveils T-Fi, the Decentralized Traditional Economy Financial Model

The Marshall News Messenger 17 Feb 2021
, a public blockchain platform, announced their blueprint for 'T-Fi,' an ... To that end, BOSAGORA Foundation has started discussion with Chainlink, the world-class blockchain middleware company specialized in on-chainization of off-chain data, for integrating system through Oracle.

BOSAGORA Integrates With Chainlink to Use Oracle Solution

The Marshall News Messenger 16 Feb 2021
Moreover, smart contracts implemented in the blockchain will enable to get access to major off-chain resources, such as data feeds, web APIs and traditional bank account payments, while allowing to on-chainize various industry fields, including securities, bonds, derivatives, ...

Centralizing Decentralization – The Devolution of Blockchain Freedom as an Inevitable Outcome of Market Development

Cryptopolitan 15 Feb 2021
The same is already happening with blockchain networks ... Nevertheless, the off-chain approach has its own place and value too, but one must see how it is different from its on-chain based counterpart,” as stated by Norbert Goffa, Co-founder and Executive Manager of Blockchain Project.

The Definitive Guide To Understanding Blockchain Technology

Vaultoro 13 Feb 2021
The Pros Of Blockchain ... There is also an option to introduce on-chain scaling – larger network blocks for storing more data – or off-chain scaling – executing transactions parallel to the main chain ... Additionally, nodes that do not run the new ruleset will be cut off from the rest of the network, triggering a potential chain split.

Mogul Taps into Partnership with Chainlink to Empower Transparent Film Financing

Coinspeaker 11 Feb 2021
By bringing verifiable off-chain data to the blockchain through our integration with Chainlink, we can provide our investors enhanced transparency, while protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our cast and crew,” Mogul clarified.CAM to Arbitrate on Automatic Distribution of Profits.

IOTA Foundation Introduced IOTA Oracles

Crypto Economy 09 Feb 2021
IOTA announced the launch of IOTA oracles, the essential services for connecting on-chain and off-chain worlds ... Oracles are vital services in the blockchain world. They help blockchains connect to each other and also the off-chain networks. Using an oracle solution, a blockchain can ...

Japan’s Coincheck acquires Metaps Alpha to expand its NFT marketplace

Cryptopolitan 05 Feb 2021
Coincheck has acquired an NFT-focused blockchain company, Metaps Alpha.The exchange plans to debut both an on-chain and off-chain marketplace for NFTs ... In addition to acquiring Metaps Alpha, the exchange also plans to set up an off-chain NFT marketplace ... that will run off-chain.