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Crypto Fees Explained + How to Pay Less of Them

BitPay 16 May 2022
Unfortunately, crypto fees are needed in order to sustain the vast networks of computers underpinning various blockchains and ensure their security ... Daily Bitcoin network transactions via ... Make Bitcoin Lightning Network payments (or other off chain protocols) ... Lightning Network is an off-chain payment protocol.

Chainlink Labs Welcomes New Chief Product Officer

Victoria Advocate 16 May 2022
Chainlink Labs is the leading provider of secure and reliable open-source blockchain oracle solutions, enhancing smart contracts by connecting them to a wide range of off-chain data sources and computations, such as asset prices, web APIs, IoT devices, payment systems, and more.

Decentralized Identity Is Set to Revolutionize Daily Living

CryptoNewsZ 16 May 2022
One such technology is decentralized ledger systems such as blockchain, often referred to as distributed databases ... Instead, we can use highly secure technology such as blockchain’s NFTs and Verifiable credentials, which leverage the power of blockchains to store data or redirect data off-chain.

What is Polygon (MATIC)

Bitfinex 13 May 2022
Blockchains launched on the Polygon network are based on its proof-of-stake (PoS) sidechain, which leverages a network of validators off the blockchain and then finalises the transactions on Ethereum’s main chain. This can take the significant strain off the main blockchain, which ...

Solana-based Jet Protocol Turns to DAO Governance Model to Broaden Decentralized Community

Hastings Tribune 10 May 2022
On-chain governance employs voting mechanisms on the blockchain through the JET token which is used to represent the user's stake and confer voting rights, while off-chain governance takes place on the Jet Protocol forum where anyone can create or vote on a proposal.

Top Crypto Analytics Firm Says Bitcoin (BTC) Flashing Signs of Notable Bounce As Trader Sentiment ...

The Daily Hodl 10 May 2022
Santiment also looks at Chainlink (LINK), a decentralized network that provides off-chain data to the smart contracts of various blockchains. According to the crypto market intelligence platform, the native token of the blockchain oracle is witnessing whale accumulation amid a fall in price to levels last recorded in September of 2020 ... Disclaimer.

Can Bitcoin Fix Micropayments?

Bitcoin Magazine 10 May 2022
This is why micropayments haven’t taken off, years later after the idea was conceived ... Because Lightning Network uses off-chain payment channels, transactions don’t have to pass through the blockchain, significantly shrinking fees and wait times ... Once this transaction is broadcast and confirmed on the blockchain, the channel becomes active.

IoTeX Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary and Shares Some Predictions

CryptoNewsZ 09 May 2022
Founded in 2017 with a team of alumni from Google, Facebook, Uber, Bosch, and Intel, IoTeX has launched a high-performance public blockchain with off-chain computing for devices and machines, cross-chain bridges, a cryptocurrency wallet, and the MachineFi marketplace.

Binance’s P2E Binemon Integrates ChainLink VRF for Raffles

CryptoNewsZ 04 May 2022
While RNGs derived from blockchains have the highest chances of being exploited by miners and validators, off-chain API-based solutions do not give the expected transparency or proof of integrity ... With VRF in place, the generation and verification of values are securely done on-chain, and the selection’s randomness can be tested at any time.

BAYC Otherside sales cost an unnecessary $100M in gas fees due to badly optimized code

Cryptoslate 02 May 2022
Remove the ERC721Enumerable extension. The first change Papper proposed is to remove the ERC721Enumerable extension, which is used to track owners of NFTs on-chain. Papper argued that there is no need to record owners on-chain since anyone can query the blockchain through an off-chain front end to pass the data into a smart contract ... He said. ... ....

Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) What is it, and How Does it Work?

Crypto Economy 30 Apr 2022
Zero-Knowledge Proof or ZKP is one of the best features of cryptography in the blockchain industry that strengthens its security, privacy, and anonymity ... In this form of authentication, no real data is shared among blockchain participants ... In blockchains that use this protocol, the application code runs off-chain.

Renewable Energy Token (RET) Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange

LB News 29 Apr 2022
Its data store consists of private storage (off-chain) and public blockchain (on-chain) due to the large amount of data to be collected from REC plants, which reduces the ideal of complete storage on the blockchain ... blockchain, and the remaining data items are stored off-chain.

DIA’s Open-Source Oracles Live on Evmos Mainnet

NewsBTC 28 Apr 2022
It is well known the importance and necessity of blockchain oracles to fuel DeFi applications. Oracles, as bridges between off-chain and on-chain systems, are the third-party software in charge of feeding smart contracts with real-time data to execute their underlying transactions.

The problem facing decentralized oracles in Web 3.0 applications and their solutions  

Cryptopolitan 27 Apr 2022
Blockchain oracles are the connecting channels by which physical data is transmitted to the blockchain ... Launched in 2020, QED provides a decentralized oracle protocol with a robust economic model connecting multiple blockchains, smart contract platforms, and off-chain data sources.

MemeFlate Integrates ChainLink Keepers for Automation

CryptoNewsZ 27 Apr 2022
Critical functions on the blockchains can be performed by programming ChainLink Keepers for predefined conditions, like regular intervals or market changes ... The ChainLink APIs help the projects access third-party off-chain data without compromising security or decentralization.

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