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Bitcoin Layer 2 Tokens Outperform BTC Post-Halving

CryptoPotato 22 Apr 2024
Notably, Bitcoin layer 2 solutions address blockchain scalability and transaction speed limitations. These projects operate on the Bitcoin blockchain, offering scalability by processing transactions off the main chain.

Bitcoin Layer 2 Coins Rally after BTC Halving Event 2024

Coinspeaker 22 Apr 2024
... speed and scalability limitations on the Bitcoin blockchain network. Built atop the Bitcoin blockchain network, this Layer 2 solutions enhance scalability by processing transactions off-chain.

Switzerland’s Partisia Blockchain Foundation backs Moonrig to increase transparency and accessibility in Web3 investing

Khaleejtimes 19 Apr 2024
... has announced a collaboration with Moonrig LTD, a company transforming Web3 investing with its focus on AI-driven on-chain and off-chain metrics to empower users to make more informed decisions.

Switzerland’s Partisia Blockchain Foundation Backs Moonrig to Increase Transparency and Accessibility in Web3

GetNews 19 Apr 2024
... today announced a collaboration with Moonrig LTD, a company transforming Web3 investing with its focus on AI-driven on-chain and off-chain metrics to empower users to make more informed decisions.

IMF says Bitcoin has become necessary financial tool for preserving wealth amid financial instability

Cryptoslate 19 Apr 2024
The analysis also pointed out that on-chain Bitcoin transactions, which are recorded on the blockchain and offer more security, tend to be larger than off-chain transactions.

Part 7: Looking Forward to a New Post-Halving Reality for Bitcoin

Bitfinex 19 Apr 2024
Furthermore, Layer 2 solutions like the Lightning Network offer promising avenues to handle transactions off-chain, alleviating congestion and reducing fees for everyday transactions while still securing them through the underlying blockchain.

Arbitrum Launches Fraud Proofs In Testnet: Why Is ARB Down?

NewsBTC 18 Apr 2024
This differs in layer-2 options, which must reroute transactions and process them off-chain ... Specifically, once live and integrated into Arbitrum, BOLD will serve as a safety net, ensuring the validity of transactions processed off-chain.

Ankr joins forces with Brevis coChain as Mainnet AVS Operator

CryptoNewsZ 16 Apr 2024
... stored on the chain ... Brevis technology can do off-chain computations, so the number of tasks that need to be executed on the Ethereum blockchain and other compatible networks decreases significantly.

UniCross Deploys Rune Protocol on Testnet

Cryptopolitan 13 Apr 2024
Merlin Chain’s ecological project, UniCross, a great improvement in blockchain applications, formally kicks off Rune Protocol on testnet ... The cooperation of Merlin Chain with UniCross and the ...

AI Altcoin Project Lands on Crypto Exchange Binance in Surprise Listing

The Daily Hodl 13 Apr 2024
Subnets, which exist outside the blockchain and are connected to it, are off-chain competitions where only the best producers are rewarded. A subnet consists of off-chain subnet validators who initiate ...

Chainlink (LINK) and Bonk (BONK) on the decline; Rebel Satoshi Arcade (RECQ) keeps up bullish momentum

Invezz 13 Apr 2024
It is a blockchain abstraction layer that allows blockchains to interact with external data feeds and critical off-chain information ... It is the second-leading meme-inspired token on the Solana blockchain after falling behind dogwifhat (WIF) ... ....

Traders 3 Favorite Cryptos This Year Unveiled: Chainlink (LINK), Pepe (PEPE) and Rebel Satoshi Arcade (RECQ)

Cryptopolitan 13 Apr 2024
TLDR ... A New Trader Favorite ... Making a unique contribution, Chainlink is a blockchain layer that enables universally connected smart contracts. To put it simply, it allows blockchains to interact with external data and critical off-chain information ... ....

LINK Price Dips Despite Chainlink Functions Debut on Base

CoinGape 10 Apr 2024
Chainlink is recognized for its contributions to the blockchain sector, particularly in enabling secure and reliable data fetching and off-chain computations.

Swell enhances transparency with Chainlink Proof of Reserve

CryptoNewsZ 10 Apr 2024
It has been responsible for large volumes of transaction value by offering financial institutions, startups, and builders connectivity with real-time data, off-chain computation, and safe cross-chain interoperability throughout every blockchain.

What are Rollups For Bitcoin?

Bitfinex 09 Apr 2024
These off-chain scaling solutions work by executing transactions away from the main Bitcoin blockchain (off-chain) and then aggregating or “rolling up” these transactions into a single package.