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True Return Systems LLC and D. Tiller Law PLLC Commence Sale of Foundational Blockchain Patent ...

The Marshall News Messenger 20 Apr 2021
Using cryptocurrencies as a substitute for dollars;Using coins or tokens to represent securities, commodities or other property;Easily bringing “off chain” data “on chain”; andSmoother use of pure blockchain technology to validate transactional aspects like ownership, identities, outcomes and authenticity.

CargoChain Partners with FileVision to Launch CropWise — A “Seed-to-Sale” Visibility Tracker ...

Omaha World-Herald 20 Apr 2021
a blockchain-based ... CargoChain is one of the few supply chain solutions that has blockchain as an integral working part of its platform. All events are recorded on-chain, following the execution of a smart contract as cargo changes hands, while rich cargo data is stored off-chain.

NAOS Finance raises $5.1M in private sale to accelerate development of its revolutionary DeFi application

Bitcoinist 20 Apr 2021
... to interact in a permissionless manner on the blockchain. Through NAOS Finance, lenders have stable and recurring income streams while the on-chain world is connected with more off-chain opportunities ... Here, capital and assets are exchanged seamlessly on-chain and off-chain.

Aleo Raises $28M to Launch the First Platform for Fully Private Applications

The Marshall News Messenger 20 Apr 2021
Originally conceived of in the 1980s, ZK cryptography has become practical in the last decade, and is now being adopted by blockchain developers to achieve scalability, privacy, and interoperability for executing transactions off-chain in a manner that can be verified ... Aleo’s unique architecture makes it more scalable than a traditional blockchain.

PARSIQ: Calling Data to Action Using Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin 19 Apr 2021
Tracking digital assets in real-time Notifications of Blockchain network activity Gathering and processing on-chain data Combining on-chain with off-chain data such as Risk Data/Market Data etc ... This facilitates the on and off-chain pathway and lays the foundation for interoperability between blockchains ... adds a risk score utilizing off-chain data.

Nothing like AI and blockchain to speed up judicial processes

Gulf News 19 Apr 2021
In recent years, the two terms that have enjoyed increased utility are Artificial Intelligence and blockchain ... An approach that had been suggested was for blockchain to be restricted to proof of personal data (off-chain) rather than be a place of storage for original information.

Blockchain monitoring provider PARSIQ integrates with crypto custodian Hex Trust

CryptoNinjas 17 Apr 2021
CryptoNinjas � Blockchain monitoring provider PARSIQ integrates with crypto custodian Hex Trust ... Users can keep tabs on events across different blockchains in real-time and connect those events to any off-chain apps and devices to facilitate different workflows.

Chainlink Releases New Whitepaper Introducing Hybrid Smart Contracts for DeFi and NFTs

Coinspeaker 16 Apr 2021
Some of the top tech companies like Google have also used Chainlink oracles solutions to source data from their off-chain cloud networks to on-chain blockchain platforms.New Chainlink Whitepaper ... DON will operate off-chain wherein data within the smart contracts are stored and computed off-chain.

Chainlink 2.0 Whitepaper Proposes Hybrid Smart Contracts

CryptoNewsZ 16 Apr 2021
... – security of the blockchain network and scalability of the off-chain system. The new off-chain layer will rely on the blockchain for providing secure and tempered proof operations, and all this will be done with the feature-rich and connected capability of the off-chain systems.

How Chainlink 2.0 Will Expand The Reach for DeFi and Smart Contracts

NewsBTC 15 Apr 2021
We foresee an increasingly expansive role for oracle networks, one in which they complement and enhance existing and new blockchains by providing fast, reliable, and confidentiality-preserving universal connectivity and off-chain computation for smart contracts.

Cardano (ADA) is preparing for Plutus-powered smart contracts

Invezz 15 Apr 2021
Cardano develops unique technology for off-chain transactions ... This has brought some additional advantages, such as the ability to check the validity of transactions off-chain before the transaction is sent to its blockchain. Transaction cost can also be determined off-chain, which comes as another unique feature of this new model.

Oracle Tokens Chainlink, Band Protocol Enter New Bull Rally

Crypto Briefing 15 Apr 2021
... architecture will expand the network’s utility by adding new services to the off-chain computation of data. “Hybrid smart contracts are about combining blockchain smart contract application capabilities, and the off-chain world’s proof and data and computations.

Cardano Prepares for Plutus Powered Smart Contracts

CryptoPotato 15 Apr 2021
Without going too deep into the technicalities of it, the EUTXO model essentially allows the validity of transactions to be checked off-chain before the transaction is sent to the blockchain ... Transaction execution costs can be also determined off-chain before transmission which is another unique feature.

LINK Soars to All-time Highs on Launch of the Chainlink 2.0 Whitepaper

Ethereum World News 15 Apr 2021
Hybrid smart contracts – that will combine blockchain smart contract application capabilities with off-chain computing resources Abstracting away complexity – by providing developers and users with simple functionality Scaling – to allow the network to provide ...

The Missing Link: How Chainlink’s Pallet Aims to Deliver Greater Informational Access

Bitcoin 08 Apr 2021
To continue growing and scaling these unique protocols while not only addressing the accompanying shortcomings, smart contracts will effectively need to be “smarter.” Yet, given blockchains’ validation constraints, which are intended to preserve stability and security, there is a barrier to off-chain information by design.

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