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Polygon and Immutable announce game-specific network “Immutable zkEVM”

OBN 21 Mar 2023
In addition, Immutable’s IMX token will be used to pay gas charges on Immutable zkEVM and to design incentives for sequences that verify off-chain transactions ... zk-Rollup is a type of scaling solution that processes transactions off-chain (outside the main blockchain) to reduce network congestion.

Introducing Binance Oracle VRF: The Next Generation of Verifiable Randomness

Binance Blog 20 Mar 2023
On the other hand, purely relying on a simple off-chain oracle provider could force developers to compromise on availability or, even worse, security ... The randomness constructed by the off-chain provider with its private key is generated from the two parameters block-hash and preSeed.

ImmutableX (IMX) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Rise To Prominence, Leaving Bitcoin (BTC) Behind At $25,000

Cryptopolitan 18 Mar 2023
Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) and ImmutableX (IMX) are two blockchain-based platforms that are quickly rising to prominence in the cryptocurrency market ... ImmutableX (IMX) achieves this by leveraging off-chain processing to reduce the burden on the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet, while still maintaining the security and decentralization of the blockchain.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) price plummet: Will Shibarium’s codebase drama end the hype train?

Cryptopolitan 16 Mar 2023
In addition, it was pointed out that the Shibarium beta testnet had the same Chain ID as an existing blockchain ... Layer 2 is a set of off-chain systems (separate blockchains) built on top of layer 1 protocols that help reduce bottlenecks with scaling and data ... a Blockchain.

Ethereum L2 “Arbitrum” decentralizes operations to implement its own token distribution

OBN 16 Mar 2023
While utilizing the security of Ethereum’s blockchain, we aim to eliminate network congestion by processing some transactions off-chain ... The Arbitrum DAO will be empowered to make key decisions such as “how network upgrades are done” and “how blockchain revenue is used”.

Wemade announces Partnership with Space and Time to Power Blockchain and Gaming Services

Cryptopolitan 15 Mar 2023
Game developers building on Space and Time can join real-time blockchain data with off-chain game-generated data in a single query and connect the results back to smart contracts on-chain ... tamperproof on-chain and off-chain data to deliver enterprise use cases to smart contracts.

Wemade partners with Space and Time for blockchain and gaming Services

Invezz 15 Mar 2023
In addition, game developers building on Space and Time can join real-time blockchain data with off-chain game-generated data in a single query and connect the results back to smart contracts on-chain ... a scalable decentralized data warehouse to the blockchain-based platform.

The top cheap cryptos to buy in Q1 of 2023 – Experts share their favorites

Invezz 15 Mar 2023
It aims to become the largest on-chain ... ChainLink was created to bridge the gap between on and off-chain systems. It does this by recording off-chain data on its network, which allows developers to connect external data sources and APIs to custom-made decentralized apps (dApps).

Cumulative fees for minting on Bitcoin Ordinals stands at $1.5 million: Blog

Financial Express 15 Mar 2023
According to Chainalysis, Casey Rodarmor unveiled Ordinals to bring additional functionality to Bitcoin blockchain ... Based on information by Chainalysis, information around Ordinals are kept on Bitcoin blockchain whereas non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are stored off-chain.

KYVE mainnet launch on Pi Day brings decentralized, trustless data lakes on-chain

Cryptoslate 14 Mar 2023
Additionally, KYVE’s mainnet launch and subsequent token-generation event (TGE) also open up new opportunities for collaboration with other blockchain projects, such as Sei Network, which requires off-chain data like sports results and weather data to be validated on-chain in a decentralized manner.
photo: Creative Commons / Davidstankiewicz
Blockchain Illustration - a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin

Op-ed: TradFi failing is NOT a crypto problem. Blockchain fixes this.

Cryptoslate 13 Mar 2023
Blockchain fixes many problems, but one, in particular, was clear to see during the collapse of FTX as off-chain centralized exchanges were negatively effecting while DeFi loans connected to the contagion operated as intended, and liquidations occurred without impacting the underlying DeFi protocols themselves.

Polkadot (DOT) Price Prediction – Don’t Miss Out On Chainlink (LINK) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

NULLTX 11 Mar 2023
New investors see potential in Chainlink (LINK) as well because of its utility in the blockchain industry. Being a multi-chain blockchain, Chainlink (LINK) can handle off-chain transactions which will help send the price of LINK to new heights.

DEFYCA to launch and deliver a protocol on Avalanche

CryptoNewsZ 10 Mar 2023
... is necessary to be able to shift real-time assets, along with off-chain collateral, to on-chain ... DEFYCA is the first protocol to move the off-chain credit market onto the blockchain, allowing traditional and cryptocurrency investors to participate in safe real-world assets (RWAs).

5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2023 in the Web3 Industry = Report

OBN 10 Mar 2023
A modular blockchain is a public chain that modularizes technologies, applications, rules, and standards ... Rollup refers to a scaling solution that leverages the security of the main blockchain while processing some transactions off-chain (outside the blockchain) to reduce network congestion.

Shiba Inu to introduce its Layer 2 Network beta version this week

Cryptopolitan 08 Mar 2023
On top of layer 1 protocols, layer 2 refers to a collection of off-chain technologies (distributed blockchains) that alleviate scale and data bottlenecks. They combine several off-chain transactions into a single layer 1 transaction, reducing the amount of data and associated costs.

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